018 - Trump's Tropic Thunder, Fatal Failures, an Appropriated Pile of Crowns & Crumb on Power Lines
017 - Musk's Nightmares, Hamilspin, Reince's Emergency Vehicle, & Proficience at Photographing Profligacy
016 - Trumping The Smiths, Pans for Small Fries, Chronological Corey Sign & more
015 - How out-of-focus does a photo need to be to become a photo about forgetfulness?
014 - Embouchure Two-Fer, Bibi/Barry Shadow Portrait Face Merge
013 - Getting Fuzzy with Fuzzy, Interrogating Iconic Photographs & Facebook Burns Their Paper
012 - The Flesh Is Good, Shore's Strange Drugs & What Homophobic Golfers Yell the Morning After Orlando
011 - What Algorithms Care About, Corporate Crossfades, Featurebugs, and Have You Seen "Sir'Ron"?
010 - Everything Goes Like That
009 - Best Guess is Atmosphere, Save Some Salmon Dog & the Animated Beard Cage
008 - A Mirage by Any Other Name, Hotel Hamilton, Forcep Art and Lazy Sundayisms
007 - Badu Berenstain, Photographic Puritanicalisms, Office TropDrops, & Passing Shadows of Airplanes
006 - TAIL IS HANDLE VERY RARE, Beverly Perfect Loop, Hitchcock Self-Improvement & more
005 - The Headless Caddy, Sleepy Microphones & Nose Play: All in All It's Just Another Appropriated Wall
004 - Obama's Wetfish, Nixon Knew, Surfing Lightroom Filenames, and Hockney's iPad Art
003 - The Impossibility of an N'Word-Free Screenshot of a Trump Rally Livestream
002 - Ted Cruz Laugh Track, Kasich/Kendrick, 100 Billion Bernie-isms
001 - A golf round with Trump's friend, iOS Samantha Reads Listicles, and Casey Neistat's biggest fan

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